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Our Services

Floor sanding

This allows you to keep your existing floor, but you have the option to change the colour or just make it look as good as new again. We can prepare the floor before any wood is laid. We will also do a moisture reading test to confirm the floor will not be effected.

French polishing

This is a very old technique that allows wood to look new or old. We recently used this technique in the House of Commons. You have the option to make brand new wood look antique.

tennis 6.jpg
museum 6.jpg


This can be as simple as removing a stain caused from a hot mug,  to more severe situations such as oak beams that have fire damage.


This is a chemical process to remove any finish that has been applied without removing the original material.

Timber supplies

We can source any type of timber you need. This ranges from reclaimed flooring to building timber. Speak to us for more information.

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